Bible News Prophecy Magazine: Continue What?

BNP Cover Jan-Mar 2013

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Table of Contents:
Continue What? The Continuing Church of God was recently formed as a corporation entity, but the Church of God has actually continued since Acts chapter 2. What is continuing?
Habakkuk’s Warning is for Us Today Around 2400 years ago, the Hebrew Prophet Habakkuk was inspired by God to write messages. Are they really for our time? What are the ramifications?
It’s All About Love This is a summary of the first official sermon of the Continuing Church of God.
12 Germany Wants its Gold Back Bible prophecy shows that the King of the North will get gold. Germany wants some of its gold back now.
13 Valentine’s Day: Should Christians Observe It? Where did Valentine’s Day come from? What are some of the ramifications of observing it?
19 2012: The Year of Extreme Weather According to various meteorologists, 2012 was the hottest and the most extreme year on record in many places.
21 How often should we partake of THE LORD’S SUPPER? Should it be weekly, monthly, annually, or?
24 The Days of the Unleavened Bread  Should Christians observe it?
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